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by Jean-Baptiste Lockhart Michaut alias jbTrendy & Ex jeanTox

jeudi 12 avril 2012

Infinite Complacency: Maureen Bolstad's Speech

Infinite Complacency: Maureen Bolstad's Speech

Here my friend is a link to a testimony of a courageous Ex $cientologist who have been harrassed for years in the goulag of this Church that is supposedly working for the freedom and betterment of mankind. It's called the RPF standing for "Rehabilitation Project Force" and this is something I have personnally witnessed by having worked a day with them at the base in LA or seeing persons like this Maureen running around in theyr dark boiling suits in other various advanced organisations in the world.

This is all part of the "Sea Organisation" standard operating procedures to handle theyr recalcitrant or flubbing personnel - The Sea Org being the top management corp of the Church of $cientology network who's members having signed a billion years contract are said to be the Aristocracy of $cientology by L. Ron Hubbard founder of the Church.

Here's a photograph of me playing guitar and singing with the Jive Aces during 1999 "What is Scientology Exhibit Tour" in Stutgart Germany while I was a Sea Org Member not long before being busted out in law standing and having to face the cult harrassing internal justice for having opposed dreadfull management practices I have witnessed and couldn't abide with. jblm 13 4 12

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