Knowing Operative Zone for Independant Wisdom Movement (KOZ 4 IWM)

by Jean-Baptiste Lockhart Michaut alias jbTrendy & Ex jeanTox

vendredi 13 avril 2012

$cientology Exteriorisation Process. Start !!!

This is a self originated and piloted project that I launched 2 days ago when I received this standard survey E-mail from a staff member of the Advanced Church of Scientology that used to be L. Ron Hubbard home and where I used to be connected to at the end of my involvement with this mouvement some years ago.

To those who like to read life stories within the cult will get some good beans here about my epical adventures !!!  Hard to understand for who is not familiar with the subject though. 
jblm 14 4 12 

Subject: from: Freya Chaplin, D/Captain AOSH UK
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 13:20:02 -0500


I have a really fast survey for you, which would help a lot if you can fill it out and e-mail it back to me. Basically, since the last time you have been here we do not have a schedule date for your return. If you can fill out the below 4 questions - this would help a lot!

When are you planning to come to Saint Hill for services? (Please say month and year at least, unless you know the exact date. This can be approximate, the purpose is to give us an idea of what your plans are so that we have some prediction)

For what service?

Who are you in comm with regarding this?

Is there anything you need my help in on regards to your service or your arrival? Or is there anything you would like to communicate to me?

Thank you very much!

Ml, Freya - D/Captain AOSH UK

-----Original Message-----
Sent: 12 April 2012 13:20
To: "" , "jbtrendy1"
Subject: RE: from: Freya Chaplin, D/Captain AOSH UK

Hello Freya,

How's life these days in Saint Hill ?
I haven't been in comm for years and thus I'm quite surprised to receive this standard survey e-mail from you.
Do you know about me more than having seen my name on a list ?

Thanks to let me know.

Hello JB,
Well - I do know you as Jean Tox and remember you very well from when you were here. I am sure you would remember me too as we spoke a lot. I do remember that a lot went wrong after you left here - which I hope is handled now?  I do know you changed your name. What you are up to in PT - I do not know, I would love to know though! If you do need my help, I am still here. Have you been in session since you left Saint Hill?
Saint Hill is doing great! We made highest ever Clears and OTs last year and we are beating all those records again!
ml, Freya

Well Freya that's nice!
What was your post back then? Did we talk while I was in Saint Hill as a public going up to OT3 or before when I was in the SO with the Jive Aces?
Or even before when I was Tech Sec of the Arts Festival in 1994 when I first came to Saint Hill?
Sorry but your name doesn't ring a bell to me?
Can I see a picture of you somewhere, that might help?
What were we talking about at that time could help me also to figure out who you are as it's always good to know someone you're getting in comm with. People are important and that's what really counts after all. You and me and all the other terminals we have on our lines or at our charge.
To answer your questions about my present situation let me please ask you what you know about all that went wrong after I left here?
And could it be that anything went wrong before I left?
I wonder if you are authorized to use freely the internet and google my name to find out about what I am up to these days.
So I send you for info and to give you some mass the poster of my next show where the game is to find out where I am on the picture.
About your technical question if you're asking did you recently get session under the supervision of a Scientologist with standard procedure routine and an E-meter, the answer is no. If you're asking if I had gains by asking me questions, looking and computing answers that made me make case gains which is what supposedly auditing is about, the answer is yes.
Just so I know, can I ask you what your case and training level is?
To end I have to confess that I'm very surprised about the stats report you're giving me as the current state of the Church is according to the data I have not doing that great anywhere on the planet these days and since very long.
I wonder which miraculous program management is working on these days to get such a result?
Thanks to let me know.
All2U Trendy 

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your mail! I cannot receive the poster on this email address. Maybe you can send it to this ? Sounds like you are doing well though!
I know you from when you were a public going through the OT levels here. I do remember vaguely that you joined the Sea Org after and that you were part of the Jive Aces, but we were not really in comm then. I was the D/Captain then as well. (I can't really send you a picture either as this email doesn't do attachments - I was around 25 when you were here, long blonde hair and was working with Helen quite a bit). We would have been talking about you getting through services.
All I remember from when you left is that you got into trouble with CCP for some money you owed. I am sure that something went wrong before you left too - but you would have to tell me what that was....?
Nah - we are doing great and we are expanding big time. That data you got from the wrong source - getting data from people who have left the church is bound to be wrong. Don't ask a re-signed catholic what he thinks about the pope.... I do not know of a Scientology sector that is not expanding.
love, Freya
Hi Freya,

I'm also switching mail box here to follow-up our comm cycle.

Sorry but I still don't remember you and I'm not sure who is Helen either. But hey, don't take it as personnal offence. It's been a long time ago.

Let's clarify a bit of the chronology here. I was with the Jives in Folo UK from New year's eve 1999 where I performed with them in St Hill and announced my rejoining of the SO on stage. I worked with them as Advance man for the WIS EU and US campaign where according to our expanding strategy I started another band called "Spirit of Play" and got promoted as D/CO before I had my wedding cancelled by HCO Bridge publications in PAC base just before Y2K. That created a major flap for my bride and me and ruined my last hope that I could operate within the SO and though I have been offered the post of Sunday services I/C still at Folo UK I decided to route out and get back to my Honorary LRH Personal PRO and French SNTD Spokesperson status that had been awarded to me since the phenomenal French Mission Earth Campaign 1989 - 2003.

Routing out took months where I was sent to the heavy load harrassing work in the kitchen and had to arrange money to pay 2 intensives full price at St Hill to get a chance to receive my leaving Sec Check and finally be released anouncing that I was soon to hinerit a large amount of money and would come back in St Hill to do OT levels. St Hill redges were following close on the cycle until they ensured that I had invested up to my last penny on the Bridge. 

But CC Paris where I was public wanted theyr share also and got me programmed on FPRD basic form to keep me under theyr expensive spell to a point where I had to get all my money secured for my OT preps and OT3 pakage in St Hill back to CC Paris to complete my FPRD that wasn't doing it for me at all and where I should never have been put in the first place. And with all my money spent I was still in the middle of the list and really started to protest. 

I had been since 1994 when I attested clear in CC Int working on my next step on the Bridge that was OT preps with a Tech estimate of two to four intensives to get onto the levels and even got awarded by Int Management Solo1 that is quite exeptionnal for my outstanding contributions to Scientology PR campaigns. And here I was now seeing my Bridge being taken away from me for auditing that to my viewpoint I was through after two or three sessions. What a loss and a waste !

As being washed away financially CC Paris had no reason to keep me anymore and they agreed to let me go to St Hill to handle from there the completion of this dreadfull FPRD. Well while I was completing my Solo1 in St Hill and doing more then pretty well to expand my life I was conveined to a justice hearing by French Justice Police Departement regarding what will become the Paris 2009 trial and managed to get out of it though I was the terminal who FSMed the guy who launched the original law suit. This was a guy by the way I had unlightened and sold a Dianetics book to while I was on the Dianetics Bus summer tour 1998 and had been redged like crazy by CC Paris BSO. 

So this had no real consequenses at that time for me and I managed to get a loan by Eva Lefèvre a top terminal OT8 former French PPRO and DSA France who though it wasn't the original agreement asked for my father's caution. That made the cycle a little dodgy as he had come to LA for my cancelled wedding a year before and could have been a little touchy on the subject of Scientology. But it all went fine through as he didn't even ask me what I wanted this money really for. I told him an acceptable truth that I had to invest on me and this was Okay with him. 

So I did up to OT3 and had to get money fast to reimburse my loans and I was making plenty as voice over actor in London. At that time I had the opportunity to get back the flat I had left in Paris and decided to go home. 

This kind of broke my good condition and things started to go very wrong for me the worse being that only few weeks after without even infoing me Eva Lefèvre had got her lawyer to send a request of paying the loan back directly to my Dad threatening him of law suits. I really felt stamped in the back and wrote to the lawyer that this matter had to be taken off my Dad's lines and had first to be addressed between her client and myself and treated accordingly to Scientology justice procedures. This resulted in a comm ev being issued on me by Int Justice Chief due to Eva status that had to be done in St Hill and resulted in me being taken out of Voluntary Minister Course in CC Paris on the spot and soon after kicked out very rudely from CC Paris. 

But I came to St Hill for this comm ev that took quite a while to be concluded and I saw there a parody of justice lying and black PRing me nearly all the way through that made me become really sour. After all I had accomplished for this Church that was the way I was finally considered and treated. In Paris they even refused me the access of LRH Birthday event that year 2003. CC Paris DSA PR who by the way died not long ago though she was a wonderfull girl in her 30's who had been also kicked out some years after me due to a gross PR Flap she had the bad idea to be connected with. Well Alexandra was her name and I knew her very well as I had been coordinating with her lot of the Say no To Drug campaign. When the comm ev came back from St Hill she became my terminal in CC Paris and seeing how desappointed I was she got me with Ethics Officer who is now Chaplain CCP to ask for a comm ev review which I did. It took more than a year to be done and honestly turned out to be even worse than the original.

For years I was left out in the open like this with no help or support what so ever from any Church terminal apart from Eva Lefèvre who wanted her money back. It took me time but I managed to fully pay her back current 2009 and was in good comm with her even doing some occasionnal jobs for her. Meanwhile I had manadged to become one of the main figure of the Alternative artistic mouvement in Paris and making my living as professionnal singer and band leader.

Well I remember having been in comm with Security Chief CLO UK after the release of the new books who wanted to get me back on lines and addressed me to Chaplain St Hill who proposed me a free session but I wasn't eager to follow-up on this and said I didn't want the Church of Scientology to control my life anymore. Yes at that time a terminal from CC Int contacted me to sell me those books with the remaining of an account I had there probably from my CCRD cycle.

Anyway 2009 was also when this trial took place in Paris where I found out that I was mentioned at the begining of it as "The Scientologist who had got the main plaintif into Scientology" and this kind of got me involved in a process of looking for data. And the more I looked, the more I found and that is taking us right to your point where you're assuming that what I'm getting as informations are necessarilly wrong as being outside of the current Church sources. But this is a very short seeing view to address such matters.

Consider dear Freya that I am free to look, free to communicate and fetch for data everywhere I want and that I surely get to know what is going on in the Church by terminals who are still in and of good standing but also others. This is somewhat cruel to you and I'm sorry about that but I have to tell you that I know much more than you do about what is really going on in Scientology from beginning up to now. Much more then you will ever have a chance to even conceptualise as long as you will be influenced to consider any other source of data than of COB dogmas you're obliged to abide by and with as being necessarily wrong under the so easy labelling of "Entheta". Know that Entheta isn't what I'm interested to anyhow and I got in direct line from LRH and others before and after him that definitely only truth matters.

You see, as Honorary Personnal LRH PR Officer I have been hatted to handle Scientology Internally as well as Externally and to clarify my current status I can tell you that I Exteriorised Scientology and that this is a very urgent and key process to complete that really did me a lot of good and that should make you happy for me.

Can you see ???

Well I think that you should look better though if you really think what you said about the expansion of all sectors of Scientology. I know where you're getting your data from and sorry to tell you but you are being lyed to on a major scale and soon you will have to realise this and that will be your first step of your Scientology Exteriorisation Process. Start !!!


jbTrendy ExJeanTox

Hi JB,

Thanks for the pictures! I definitely recognise you in them!
I would like to help you sort out all the things you write but I think I am unfortunately a bit late.
The doors of Scientology are always open should you change your mind and want to come back.
I would love to see you back and if that is your intention one day then you are welcome to contact me and I will help you.

love, Freya
Jean-Baptiste Trendy
15 avr. (Il y a 1 jour)
à freya
That's very sweet of you Freya !!!

"We are Back" is one of my main Motto.

What counts after all is to be right on time.



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