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Hold on to your knickers mate - I kind of agree with you.

Most Scientologists that I have known have been fairly decent people. While I think scientology the subject is a total waste and a scam - if the entity is going to exist then it should be run in a sane manner.

The biggest and baddest black mark against HUbbard is that he expressed such utter contempt for the people he claimed he was enlightening by refusing to trust them with the whole corporate entity.

I have expressed before my opinion that Scientology's ultimate authority should be the voice of the best trained and processed people - FWIW OT V and above and Class VI and above. If you qualify then you are member of the ruling body and have a vote (a bit like a synod) This entity would be the ultimate arbiter of what is the subject "scientology".

Another body would be the court/justice/ethics whatever and its membership would be elected from each org by the IAS/HASI whatever membership. All ethics actions would be reviewable by that entity.

The Board of Directors membership would be proposed by any in good standing scientologist and the ultimate number would be decided by the "synod" the members would be voted on by the synod and the other entity and would be members for 4 years and would receive a stipend for doing it.

International management would be responsible to and report to the Board.

Something like that anyway.
Waoh Mick !!!

i'm very impressed and you're making my day.

You've got my vote as President or something like that anyhow.

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