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dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Intox VS Scientology !!!



Originally Posted by Veda

Hubbard didn't flub that much. He achieved his "real goal" as described in his August 1938 'Excalibur letter'.

This link, and its links, in case you haven't seen them, may help in sorting out things.

In the mean time, enjoy the music.
Thanks for the link but I had seen this data before.

(My answer published on ESMB on the 23 3 10)

Dear Veda,

It is very convincing and true in many ways. The point is that LRH exposed and brought to public knowledge what was in fact really happening in the secret programs of the gouvernemental agencies both in east and west during the cold war as far as mind and population control were concerned. And he got attacked because of that.

Plus Scientology has within it the way to undo the trap and even defeat the darck aspects of it. In fact that's what you are contributing to by exposing this side of the story. I find it really helpfull in the process of clarifying and qualing the whole subject. Where did it go wrong and LRH fucked up and why is a very important thing to discover. You say it was there from the begining and I saw the extracts of Excalibur and his admissions. But there again there are two sides to the coin.

What i'm interested in is the positive side of it and definitely I see a very positive impact that LRH and Scientologists had on society in terms of challenging and defeating the suppression on earth. In fact the make break point has been achieved in 1988 with the delivery of OT8 and it doesn't matter actually wether or not the OT levels were actually working or not. The important thing was that people would believe they did at least for a certain amount of time when it had been vital to keep the outcome secret. It had a tremandous impact.

Ensued what will be remembered as the summer of peace where lot of wars stopped quite magically and thus some resumed, shortly after in 91 we saw the fall of the iron curtain that was an incredibly fast and unbelievable process. And now you've got Obama as president that even got his law on health care through. As we see, nearly all the remaining conflicts are justified by religious matters so it's a fact that the religious button is the one that has to be flattened on the fourth dynamic and its why Scientology got attacked from this angle with the secret takeover from CST this supposed Church of Spiritual Technology run by IRS agents probably controlled by the CIA. Have you red Mission Earth?

To my understanding the real Golden Age as prophetised in almost every ancient lores and creeds had started at that very point and we in 1988 really entered a new era of spiritual realisation as a whole and free scientologists that I call OT of level X definitely have a leading role to play in this.

Spiritual realm is operated through postulates.

Here is what I discovered :

A being is basically free. This is known as the native state. When one gets in contact with that basic state, one has reached the state of Clear. Concieve mind essence as Buddha stated it. So appart from the wording used by LRH the concept is not an invention of Dianetics or Scientology.

The point is that we all are engaged in the game called life and through this ongoing process we tend to trap ourselves in lot of complexities that make us become unaware of who we really are and the original postulate doesn't stick. To this exctent we get intoxicated and per the law of as-isness one has to find out what is intoxicating him in order to undue its effect.

So for a person to regain the native state one has to realise what is the Intoxification he is in. By doing so one engage in the process of desintoxification up to a point where he steps out free from it and become detoxed or out-toxed and thus free again.

But one is engaged in the game of life and thus in contact with other beings who are still in-toxed or if not hatted on how to operate will get intoxicated again by screwing up the game. That's why LRH stated that the state of Clear isn't stable. So one has to master the law of games and need the know how to play them not to fall again as we deed in the past.

This is where what LRH called an OT or Operational Thetan comes into the picture. This isn't an awerness sate about self as one can't clear a Clear. That would be like cleaning a clean. It is an operative state. The more you get involed with the ability to remain exterior the more you are aware of what's going on and able to maintain your true self while playing the game of life.

So one is OT to the extent he can play and make the game worthwhile not only for him but to his fellow or team players as well. But what game is worth playing when you look around and see that others do suffer of crazy games they are engaged in and fuck up yours. That's why one need to take full responsability for all efforts and counter efforts and so on.

So there are the ultimate laws:

INTOX is the law of transmutation back to the native state.

As if one runs "Who or what is intoxicating me" one will come out of it as Clear or purely self.

So we've got this definition here that got revealed to me in French as an OT is translated by Thétan Opérant.

So it goes : TOX = Thétan Opérant de niveau X (OT of level X)

And one is really OT when X = 8 meaning Clear on the 8 dynamics where the truth are getting always revealed. And there's nothing esotherical about this concept. This is what is called being in PT and able to percieve what there is as it is. It's the same than the Tao. What is is and there is no more to it or other truth to be revealed than what you know or consider as true while you're considering and knowing. The whole difficulty is that there are lots of things that we don't know about that are affecting us and though it becomes confusing sometimes. But we wanted it this way or we wouldn't have had games to play.

Believe it or not but this INTOX law got revealed to me in 1987 just before I discovered Scientology. I knew nothing about it at that time.

The original law of transmutation that I had called INTOX and that I represented with a double cross and a circle that I conceived as the symbol of the universal potential was this one :

When you apply to whatever element that law you get a change in that element.

So if you name that element A you would have A INTOX = B

It's only when few months later I found out about the concept of OT that I could articulate the entire thing.

And in 1988 I founded in France an association called Infinitox which pupose is the realisation of the universal potential symbolised by a circled eight pointed star and I did this after less than a year I had discovered Scientology.

Within its status this association has 8 articles. The last one is that this association cannot be terminated by anyone at anytime and thus we had entered the INFINITOX.

How I first discovered 4 years before that the INTOX symbol meaning this circled 8 pointed star is another story and I will reveal it another time.

Well thanks Veda for having giving me the opportunity to explain a bit where I'm coming from. Hope you enjoyed the reading.


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