Knowing Operative Zone for Independant Wisdom Movement (KOZ 4 IWM)

by Jean-Baptiste Lockhart Michaut alias jbTrendy & Ex jeanTox

vendredi 8 janvier 2016

L. Ron Hubbard is INSANE! SECRET TAPES on OT III Scientology. Aliester C...

The Multy Billion BUCK$ Worth Secrets of $cientology revealed 2 US ALL by L. Ron Blubbard Founder of The Con So called Church, The Old Man Himself speaking !!! Thanks 2 Don Haze & Co from the Conspiracy Of Truth Resisting The Miscavology Rip Off Pretended Monopoly of The Standard Technology Gone Tremendously Ashtray !!! jean Baptiste Lockhart Michaut Ex Jean Tox - LRH Honorary Personal Public Relation Officer (HPPRO) and Sea Organization Ex Int Exec and Free Org Member - Mission Earth I/C New Era Int !!! ART & ARC jbTrendy - 

Profession de Foi d'un Ex-Scientologue !!!

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