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by Jean-Baptiste Lockhart Michaut alias jbTrendy & Ex jeanTox

dimanche 17 janvier 2016

David Bowie's BlackStar - Occult Symbolism and Ritual of His Death (Illu...

The Fanch : +FreeRadioRevolution Classics! Weird stuff, isn't it?
Whatever your faith is, if you have your heart at the right place, you
feel something is not right here. It's dark, creepy and can I say...
insane looking?!
Nightmarish visions which can also be found in Rihanna's crap and
A dead astronaut (but where? is this the Moon or Earth?) under a black
sun, then some kinda possession rituals, the scarecrow, etc.

And this man is supposed to have throw off this thing because he was
afraid of dying or something? Maybe he was possessed; maybe for quite a
time. Who knows? Even Anton Lavey (former master of the US Satanic
Church) said on his dying bed that he was sorry for all the evil he did
and pledged forgiveness to God (whatever that is, it's life and love I'm
talking about here). But the nice and elegant David Bowie, as a
testament, gave us one of the the eeriest and darkest and more
not-at-easing music video ever. Thank you David. Godspeed. Faster,

And for those of us who want to stay "realistic" about this occult
stuff, just take a look at what symbolism means and has meant throughout
our world's history. Drawn from behind the curtains.

It's always pretty much about powerful people (wealthy but weak in all
else) who are putting a malevolent encasing intent into a specific form
or geometric structure. It goes right to the subconscious mind of the
unwarned victim, to control or influence his or her behaviour.
Or to show to other power clans what can be found within such decorated
walls. Triangles, pyramids, circles, wings, pineapples, etc. can be
found almost everywhere in architecture, culture, constitutions,
sciences, justice, logos, ... in France, the US, the UK, Switzerland,
Germany, Italy, etc.

By essence, this use of sigil magic is opposite to the way this harmonic
universes works, opposite to our nature. Just writing. :O)

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