Knowing Operative Zone for Independant Wisdom Movement (KOZ 4 IWM)

by Jean-Baptiste Lockhart Michaut alias jbTrendy & Ex jeanTox

lundi 7 septembre 2015


It all started for me in the spring of 1987. I was then in my mid twenties and had been since I could remember always very concerned by finding answers to the riddles of life engaging into a spiritual quest that led me to evolve my personal religion that manifested into the realisation of the universal potential symbolised by a circled double cross that was called TOX. 

This sign was given to me three years prior to that when while in the military I came across an article in a magazine about Henri Michaux "The last metaphisitian" who had just past away. I had heard of him two years before through my theater master who asked me if I was related to him having the same last name which wasn't accurate as mine had a T at the end instead of an X but he told me about his poetic works that should draw my interest. How right he was. So I read this article and something very odd is happening to me. Through his summerized story illustrated by startling quotes and drawings I could not only identify with this man but thought I was persuying the same creative pass with my curent productions. One sentence is striking me that says "I'm seeking for a being to invade" that could be seen as a general artistic purpose but I'm deciding to undertake this very personally by changing my name into his and I'm so accustomed to write it with a T at the end that I do so and immediatly bar it with an X and find myself in front of this strange new letter that looks like a double cross that I instantly circle making me enter into the eighth dimension.    

This suden shift was to me a form of enlightement where in a concious mode I had envisioned the reality of a spiritual realm in which this symbol represented the key to the completion of the revelations to be. What a responsibility ! My mission now was to undertake the accomplishement of such a discovery and make it as broadly spread as possible. This became my purpose in life.


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