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samedi 27 octobre 2012

Progressive Scientology 1

Scientology A New Slant on Life - 9 Chapters Deleted. Why?


jbTrendy Ex JeanTox le dimanche 27.10.12

En réponse à un très bon article de Safe qui vient de créer un nouveau forum qui dénonce les dérives sectaires et totalitaires de l'église officielle de $cientologie auquel je m'addresse en tant qu'Ex Scientologue officier des relations publiques personnelles de Laffayette Ronald Hubbard dit LRH ou Ron pour ses amis qui a découvert et dévellopé la philosophie religieuse et appliquée de Scientologie qui s'est transformée au fil des années et notamment depuis la mort de son fondateur en 1986 dans la plus abominable des machinations pour dominer, contrôler, dépouiller, oppresser, esclavagiser et par là même affaiblir ses membres et fidèles de par le monde. Ceci témoigne de ma volonté effective de rébellion contre ce dévoiement terrifiant d'un mouvement que j'ai soutenu et dont j'ai promulgué la cause pendant 15 ans entre 1987 et 2002 avant d'en être expulsé pour en avoir dénoncé les pratiques en interne. jbTrendy


Progressive Scientology 23.10.12


The article I wrote in 1999 about the 9 OMITTED chapters from Scientology: A New Slant On Life, bares repeating again:


Scientology A New Slant on Life - 9 Chapters Deleted. Why?


The hardback L. Ron Hubbard Library version of the New Slant On Life (Copyright 1988, 1990) says in it's editorial forward ...


"This book, first published in 1965, contains basic Scientology information anyone can use t

o effectively better his or her life. In producing this new edition, a careful study of the author's literary archives was conducted, yielding ADDITIONAL [emphasis mine] material he wrote for this work after its initial release."


In the above forward, the "editors" MISLEAD Scientologists by saying ADDITIONAL material was added (the presumption is original material PLUS), yet they utterly failed to announce that they DELETED the following 9 chapters from the original 1965 "By L. Ron Hubbard" version .... WHY???


1. The Reason Why

 2. The Conditions of Existence

 3. Myths of the Mind

 4. The Man Who Succeeds

 5. On Death of the Consciousness

 6. Accent on Ability

 7. Freedom vs Entrapment

 8. The Human Mind

 9. Communication


1) Is it believable these 9 chapter deletions in NSOL were made per LRH order?


2) Why are these 9 missing chapters no longer important to this introductory book?


3) Were they put in other revised books where it seemed the subject matter of those chapters fits better? Where?


4) Are we looking again at some kind of internal "reform"?


5) Is somebody thinking they know better about what some public would be more comfortable reading?


6) Who makes these LRH book altering decisions?


7) Why don't parishioners notice or care?


8) Why was the vital basic subject of communication even taken out of this introductory book on Scientology (NSOL) in the first place?


9) Why doesn't the altered L. Ron Hubbard Library version (from the original) not contain ANY chapters about communication?


The Communications Course has LONG been the best introductory to Scientology. Yet, ironically, the subject is now DELETED in Scientology's most basic introductory book?


I also found it peculiar that there is NO chapter on FREEDOM in the altered "L. Ron Hubbard Library" version. This is curious considering that FREEDOM is what Scientology is suppose to be about.


In the "By L. Ron Hubbard" version (the original), there is that classic chapter called "Freedom vs. Entrapment."


10) Why are these vital elements of Scientology (communication and freedom) NOT in the altered LRH Library version?


11) Isn't it an out-point that the editors of the L. Ron Hubbard Library version (Copyright 1988, 1990) Hardback edition in the "Editors Foreward" mislead the reader into thinking that the book is the original PLUS ADDED MATERIAL. They fail to mention they deleted nine apparently "non-essential" chapters from the original "By L. Ron Hubbard" work.


It's very hard for me to believe that LRH ordered the original 9 chapters removed from NSOL. Can you picture RON saying "I want those essential chapters on freedom and communication deleted NOW!"


What's even more interesting is this revised Hardback edition came out in 1988 which is two years after the death of LRH. What are the chances of LRH authorizing these deletions considering this time frame?


It kind of makes one wonder. As you know, I don't take changes to LRH works too well. There better be accessible proof somewhere to find out this was authorized by him. Public Relations in the church says I have to join the Sea Org to get proof. But that's another can of worms for another thread.


Why is it so hard to authenticate LRH works? It should not be this hard to keep point nine of KSW in. Remember what that is?


"Closing the door on ANY possibility of incorrect technology."


Amazingly, I'm getting CI (counter-intention) to this by some alleged Scientologists, even Robert of the Public Relations of the Church of Scientology, Inc. himself!


12) Does any Scientologist here disagree with the idea of having copies of all original LRH handwritten works in the qual of each org to so each Scientologist has the ability to easily take personal responsibility for quick authentication?


13) Does any Scientologist here disagree with having the original works of L. Ron Hubbard preserved on microfilm for all Scientologists to see?


I can't believe I'm getting CI to this idea by Public Relations.


Why would this be? I'm looking for the right why. I hope you do too.




Jb Trendy :  Great article right on the spot dear Safe! And good final question that I'm sure you've got tons of answers for that I'ld be very eager to read about. but let me guess: could it be that actual PR of the official incorporated $cientology  pretended religion had turn into the most mind and life control totalitary cult that uses LRH works to anihilate power of choice from every member to suck their energy in terms of money and "élan vital" (excuse my french but thus defined in the tech dictionary by Ron for the word Theta "élan" meaning surge to express Spiritual realm) under the usurpated domination of the new management despotified by the sold to the vested interests David Miscavidge and his CST (Church of Spiritual Technology) run by IRS agents to shutter our quest for freedom turning it into a utterly suppressive activity. All2U Trendy


Progressive Scientology 22.10.12

What is a high-toned individual? Does this define most Scientologists? Does this define the product of the Church of Scientology, or the independent field? It should.

 "A high-tone individual thinks wholly into the future. He is extroverted toward his environment. He clearly observes the environment with full perception unclouded by undistinguished fears about the environment. He thinks very litt

le about himself but operates automatically in his own interests. He enjoys existence. His calculations (postulations and evaluations) are swift and accurate. He is very self-confident. He KNOWS [italics in the book] he knows and does not even bother to assert that he knows. He controls his environment."

 "The degree of extroversion of the preclear and, with that, his ability to face future threats and reach toward future goals determine his height on the tone scale."

 L. Ron Hubbard, (Advanced Procedures and Axioms, 1951)


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