Knowing Operative Zone for Independant Wisdom Movement (KOZ 4 IWM)

by Jean-Baptiste Lockhart Michaut alias jbTrendy & Ex jeanTox

dimanche 19 février 2012

The Type of LRH I'm connecting with !!! Ron.2

Elvis avait une opinion très tranchée sur la Scientology : They're all head and no Heart !!!

How Visionary and True this statement was and is growing under the reign of the Miscavidge Hierarchy.

This is not the Type of Ron that I'm connecting with !!!

Sorry guys you got me out and I Exteriorise Your Church of $cientology !!!

I got something in me that proves you through CC Paris and Didier Michaud Ex S.E.L

19.000 Francs Commission dating from Summer 1997 Dianetics & SayNoToDrug Summer Tour of Paris Org & OSA France PR Div. 15% as Disseminator and Field Staff Member for The first and formost Plaintif in Paris Trial 2009 !!!

ALL2U jblm 20 2 12

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